TV On The Radio – Nine Types of Light

TV On The Radio’s fourth studio release, Nine Types of Light, (out this Tuesday, April 12) keeps the quintets essential sonic & vocal layering while hitting with a far more positive overall tone, pace and vibe.  The first single ‘Will Do’ and the album’s first track ‘Second Song’ introduce the album as far brighter, and overall it stays that way.

Sure they revisit dark brooding sounds, but this take the form of R&B missions to Mars on such cuts as ‘You’ and ‘New Cannonball Blues.’ Heavily distorted vocal and instrumental bass rumble through otherwise simple rhythm and blues songs, producing what TVOTR does very very well - soulful space jams for the elevators of the 23rd century.

There’s a lot to choose from during Record Store Week, but make sure to pick up Nine Types of Light. Tunde and Kyp’s vocals, a bit of a new approach to horn arrangements and that signature atmospheric tonal fuzzy funk may be just the spring current that you need to lean back into and float on for a time.  Anytime’ll do.

tUnE-yArDs  - w h o k i l l

With w h o k i l l   (due on next week, April 19) it is evident that tUnE-yArDs (the brainchild of the sonically resourceful Merrill Garbus) has taken great pains not to lose the awkward brilliance displayed in her first release, BiRd-BrAiNs, as well as in her live performances.

Looped percussion progressions and background vocals, all Garbus’ own, lay down a bed of quirky danceable rhythm that gives her freedom to experiment further with each track.

If Sleater Kinney were the house band for Nina Simone and Beck with the Supremes (sans Diana) singing back-up mixed through a Speak & Spell you might get close to the auditory chaos that flows through Garbus.  Yet, in all its cacophony it works.  The catchy hooks and elusive beats take hold, fall apart and then are rebuilt upon themselves.

Check out gems such as ‘My Country,’Killa, ‘ and the masterfully odd ‘Gangsta.

 tUnE-yArDs bring the oddball beauty to the Urban Lounge May 3rd.

 Also, from w h o k i l l s is this engaging video for the track 'Bizness':

Beastie Boys  - ‘Make Some Noise’

The first single, ‘Make Some Noise,’ jumps on ya’ with a whiny, nasally bass line and heavily distorted vocals reminiscent of the early 90’s circa Check Your Head.   Hype men extraordinaire, this live track whets the appetite for a few more weeks.

It’s premature of course, but with May 3rd release of Hot Sauce Committee, Part 2 as well as the Sundance short film and soon to be viral hit, Fight For Your Right – Revisited, its nice to see the trio is still kickin’.  As midlife encroaches on these ‘Boys with grey hairs, kids and serious health issues (MCA is said to be doing well), its great to see they’re still having fun and bringing more energy that anyone in the game.


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